Releases First Consulting Product: Website Analysis Report

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Steven Trustrum Marketing Website Analysis Report Now For Sale

Website Analysis ReportWell, I finally found the time to get it done. With the website analysis report product, this website has become a new revenue stream for me.

I’ve been taking time here and there to decide just how I was going to put it together, what the website analysis report would contain, and how it could push back to further consulting work, but this morning it was ready to launch.

Great, but Just What is the Website Analysis Report?

Glad you asked.

Before putting this product together, I did some research by visiting the websites of a LOT of small press publishers, writer, artists, and the like. I spent some time running various experiments and analytical processes on them, and I almost universally found that many of them were under-performing for a number of reasons. In fact, some of them (including a number owned by surprisingly large companies) could best be described as crippled with regards to functionality/usability and/or search engine optimization.

For example, for the company website of massive role-playing game publisher, Wizards of the Coast may look all shiny, but from a marketing and SEO perspective, it’s an absolute mess for a variety of reasons. It also has some functionality issues that should be addressed (like not having a mobile-ready website!) The argument can be made, however, that they can afford this because the massive market share they own has figuratively (and in many ways functionally) made their name synonymous with role-playing games. The momentum of their market shares and customer awareness means they really don’t have to do much to get their market to notice them or keep them relevant.

But can other role-playing game companies say the same of their websites?

Probably not.

That’s why the website analysis report will give a customer’s site — be it that of a small press publisher, self-publisher, RPG company, writer, artist, blogger, or just about any type of small business, organization, or individual — a good look to tell you what is working and what is not with regards to functionality and usability (how easy it is to use and understand), performance (loading time and the mobile readiness), and search engine optimization (how well it accommodates people trying to find what your website has to offer.)

How the Website Analysis Report Can Help You

Although I’m primarily targeting people operating in the fields I myself travel in (i.e., publishing, writing), a website analysis report can help any website figure out issues it has. The website’s nature will help define some of those problems (or if they are even problems to begin with), but there are some things that are issues regardless of what a website is meant to do. Whether it is your company website, your blog, or your personal homepage, a slow loading website makes people not want to spend time on your virtual space, for example.

If you are making an effort to get noticed, the website analysis report will indicate some of the basics you are getting wrong.

Want to cater to the mobile market? Well, let’s see if the website analysis report can show how ready your website is for smartphone and tablet browsing.

Using your website to make sales? The website analysis report will look into whether your customers can even find your products on your site or if they are bouncing off unsatisfied.

So, What You Are Saying is the Website Analysis Report Will Solve all my Website’s Problems?

No. The website analysis report is just a first step towards solutions. It is meant to examine your website and find the problems. It will even point you towards some of the solutions if you want to take the information it contains and look into the problems on your own. It is, however, just a report — it is the examination, not the medicine.

The website analysis report is intended to give you the information you need to make informed decisions regarding your website’s design and performance moving forward, and act as a guidepost for how you may want to improve your marketing efforts through the site.

Anyone who wants to know more about the website analysis report should email me directly or leave a comment here.

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