Steven Trustrum, Published Works

The published works of Steven Trustrum are extensive. He has contributed to a wide variety of projects and products over the years. To make browsing his catalog easier, these projects have been broken down by publisher.

This catalog merely lists summarized information regarding the various publications Steven Trustrum has worked on, as well as his role(s) with each.
Steven Trustrum Product Covers

Misfit Studios

 Steven Trustrum publications via Misfit Studios

Armageddon, the End Times Role-Playing Game (licensed from Eden Studios)


Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition, Superlink

Odyssey Prime (OGL Modern / Unisystem)

OGL Barbarian

OGL Fantasy

OGL Modern


Atlas Games

Atlas Games Logo

  • Uncommon Character CoverPenumbra Bestiary; Steven Trustrum contributions: Abroa, Leaf Trapper, Lure Tree, Possessed Construct; out of print
  • Uncommon Character; Steven Trustrum contributions: Bezmurn the Befuddled, Geoff Fireborne, The Ghost Knight, Lady Minra Starflight, Morag Glimwish (and all related materials, such as magic items, feats, and prestige classes); out of print

Bad Axe Games

Bad Axe Games Logo

  • Grim Tales; Steven Trustrum contributions: I helped playtest the firearm rules, proof read some of the manuscript, and wrote the firearms web primer
  • Heroes of High Favor: ElvesHeroes of High Favor: Elves; Steven Trustrum contributions: Feats: Feathered Step, Improved Weapon Finesse, Living Structure, Moon Runner, Pulse of the Wilds, Tree Stepper, Will of the Wilds; Crafting: Arcane Conductor, Seeking, Arrow Resiliency, Hardened; Other: I designed most of the flavor text for the prestige classes and wrote the section on role-playing elves; currently available

I was also the primary author on an unreleased sourcebook, Heroes of High Favor: Gnomes, that I was never paid for.

Black Powder Games (now out of business)

  • Bandit Dawn CoverWetwar; Steven Trustrum contributions: additional editing, graphic design, layout; no longer available
  • Bandit Dawn; Steven Trustrum contributions: editor, graphic design, layout; no longer available

This company was not around long after I did the work for them. No idea what happened to them or why they stopped selling their product when they did. They are not, so far as I’m aware, associated with the video game company that now uses the same name.

BBRACK Productions

BBRACK Publishing

  • Promised Sands, additional editing by Steven TrustrumPromised Sands; Steven Trustrum contributions: assistant Editor (basically, while working with the raw manuscript as a resource for my own work on an unprinted follow-up sourcebook, I pointed out a bunch of mistakes and made a suggestion here and there.); out of print but available

This company is no longer in business in this incarnation. The owner has, however, continued work with new partners under a new name, and is re-releasing Promised Sands for a new role-playing game rule set.I also wrote much of an unreleased product that I was never paid for.

Green Ronin

Green Ronin by Steven Trustrum

Palladium Books

Palladium Books products by Steven Trustrum

University of Toronto Press

University of Toronto Logo

  • Scarborough Fair XV: A Stone of Hope; Steven Trustrum contributing author: “What the Trees See” (poem), “Orchestra” (poem), “Little Red Riding Hood (the politically correct version)” (short story); out of print
  • Scarborough Fair XVI: Zephyr; Steven Trustrum contributing author: “The Angels Cometh” (poem), The Histories (short story), “Conflict” (poem), “King of Thieves” (poem), editor and production; out of print

This is an incomplete list. More published works from Steven Trustrum are coming …

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Frank Kenneth
Frank Kenneth
8 years ago

I went to U of T too. Small world! Anyway I remember you wrote a pdf of Vampires in the Night bane setting I think. Where could I find that? Thank you for your time. I love your work 🙂