Steven TrustrumWelcome to Steven Trustrum Marketing is the online home of Steven Trustrum, a freelance writer, small press publisher, sometimes-graphic designer and digital colourist, and SEO warrior. He is currently located in Toronto, Canada (which explains his confusing use of the letter “u” in so many words), but serves clients around the world, regardless of location.

Perhaps most notably, Steven Trustrum has owned and operated his own small press role-playing game publishing company, Misfit Studios, since 2003, although that is certainly not the extent of his professional achievements. This website is intended to present the professional services and accomplishments Steven Trustrum offers separately from those associated with his publishing company.

This website is also the rallying point for his latest venture, Steven Trustrum Marketing. This is his new consulting business that helps small businesses get a grip on their existing and future online marketing, branding, and SEO needs — including the ones they don’t realize they have.

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What Steven Trustrum Marketing Offers

Steven Trustrum offers a variety of services, many of which are generally outlined below. You can also click here to access specific details.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Additionally, online content can be prepared with the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standards in mind to help your website or blog content rank more effectively in search engines. The higher you rank, the more likely you are to be selected by potential visitors. If anyone ever told you that SEO has no impact on sales and website traffic — that website design is all that matters — they lied to you. SEO should be an on-going consideration, and considered a vital part of designing an effective website, especially in today’s modern market where mobile accessibility is so important.

Steven Trustrum also understands that proper SEO goes beyond mere placement and use of keywords. Optimizing a content for better indexing is closely tied to how well a website functions, overall and with its specific purpose (e.g., sales, information delivery, etc.) in mind. As such, Steven also helps find out why a website isn’t working at its best, and how to correct such issues.


Even if you’re not looking for SEO-prepared content, Steven Trustrum remains a freelance writer and editor. Rates are open for negotiation depending on the nature of the work and how much time is required.

Marketing Strategies

Another often-overlooked aspect of web content and web design is how they help a business’ marketing plan. Everything your business puts online can be geared towards selling, even if only peripherally. Steven Trustrum can work with you to find way to improve the performance of newly released products, as well as how to optimize what you’re doing (and point out what you’re not doing) to reach more people.

Digital Colouring / Graphic Design

Beyond this, Steven Trustrum also dabbles in graphic design and digital colouring. He is definitely not as good as you’d find from a professional, trained artist, but he does well enough that his designs and colouring have received praise from customers.

There are more skills hidden under his hat, so if you have a project you think he could help you with, email him and see if he has the skills to suit your needs.

Book Layout

Steven Trustrum uses Indesign CC for book layout, with graphics preparation in both Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC. All are for the PC in case you want the design files afterwards.

The Steven Trustrum Marketing Blog

You can check out the blog of Steven Trustrum here. This is where he rants, raves, and rambles about anything personal that comes to mind, but he also uses the space to occasionally promote Misfit Studios or freelance services.

If you are wondering about how to improve your small business’ online presence and marketing capabilities, he will frequently toss tips into the end of blog entries, so keep an eye out for them. He won’t give away all his secrets, or necessarily tell you how to entirely rectify an issue or concern within the blog post, however.

After all, Steven Trustrum needs you to pay for his services. He can’t give away all the milk for free!

Keep checking in with the blog of Steven Trustrum for more fun and useful tips.





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