Your Small Business Website Looks Better than it Works

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A small business website must be many things if it is to be considered successful, be it for a small press publishing company (yo!), online retailer, daycare, or anything else, really. Some of the particulars of these factors will differ from one business to the next, as a balance between functionality, usability, marketability, and necessity is sought, but there will always be some features that all but universal, mechanically and operatively speaking.

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Several people have contacted me to let me know that some rather crazy things pop up when one searches for Steven Trustrum on Google. I figure I’ll address them on my official page in case anyone seeking my services is curious.

Trustrum dot COM Website Finds New Life News0 Comments is in the process of being rebuilt from the bottom up, right down to a new, extremely simplified logo. It was a time for a change, and it didn’t help that the site’s ISP had screwed up the account to the point where I couldn’t log in, and fixing the issue erased the previous website.