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New Steven Trustrum Website

Not just a new website, but a new business at Trustrum dot COM

The Trustrum.COM LogoTrustrum dot com is in the process of being rebuilt from the bottom up, right down to a new, extremely simplified logo. It was a time for a change, and it didn’t help that the site’s ISP had screwed up the account to the point where I couldn’t log in, and fixing the issue erased the previous website.

I’ve also switched Steven Trustrum dot COM over to WordPress. With the intention of using the new site to push my services as a freelance SEO and online marketing consultant, I felt it was the right thing to do considering I strongly believe it is a great website solution for small business owners (the people I will strive to make my clients.) It will grant me easier access to the SEO tools I need for my own site, better integrate social media, and all-around be much simpler to maintain for improved results.


SEO and Online Marketing Consulting Business in the Works

That said, the Steven Trustrum dot COM consultancy business is not quite ready to launch. I want to get the Steven Trustrum dot COM and Misfit Studios websites both fully operational before I do so, and that means more work.


Trustrum dot COM SEO Advice for the Day:

One of the websites I regularly post product releases at has recently migrated to a new domain and messageboard format. It did not, however, migrate its content. This means many other small press publishers who post there are looking to re-establish their presence, thereby making new posts.

Already I have noticed that some of them are making SEO mistakes: reposting duplicate content from the previous board, and preparing to use those same threads to be ongoing product release announcements.

People, duplicate content is bad. Taking something from a previous site and reposting it to a new site so it will re-index will damage the indexing value of the site you are linking to. What’s more, releasing new content in the same messageboard thread will not only waste the SEO potential of any new product releases but also stomp on the indexing capabilities of what you’ve previously posted.

That’s it for Trustrum dot COM for now …

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