Nico Manalo, Head of BMO Accessibility Committee

trustrumOn the Job

Steven is passionate, extremely organized, easy to work with, and an excellent team leader who strives for optimizing customer experience. Steven has created an accessible and inclusive awareness thinking environment across different channels in BMO. He motivated, educated, and trained us about the importance of accessibility and how to accomplish it.

Michael Anderson, CAE

trustrumOn the Job

I hired Steven Trustrum as CSAE’s first content manager “…” and it was one of the best decisions made over my lengthy career in running trade and professional associations. Steven made an immediate impact on CSAE, its members and stakeholders through his solid and vast knowledge of how to create and curate content to increase value and engagement.

Steve DeBaun


Trustrum’s detailed, 25-page report was a breath of fresh air. It got into every aspect of my site. He found not only the problems I knew about, but pointed out huge issues that I hadn’t even considered. And the report doesn’t just list problems — it lists solutions, with convenient links to explain things in more detail. Microformats? What the … Read More

Shawn Richter

trustrumMisfit Studios

Steven was tremendous to work with – as a freelance illustrator, I enjoyed the professional relationship with Misfit Studios greatly. Steven always allowed for reasonable deadlines, a great deal of artistic freedom, rarely required changes and always paid adequately and reliably. On the creative side, it was always fascinating to read about the concepts and designs Steven came up with, … Read More

Gerald Alvarez

trustrumOn the Job

Steve knows how to communicate ideas, is very professional and reliable to produce and manage accurate content on any given project.