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The long and the short of the story of how Steven Trustrum and Frank Beckles the Conman crossed paths …

Frank Beckles. The conman who doesn’t know when to quit, and who now wants Georgia to vote for him to be placed in a position where he will be involved with educating children!

Now that Frank Beckles is running for a position in the District 2 school board down there in Georgia, I figured I’d summarize why this conman has posted some outrageous claims about me all over the place, and why people need to know the truth about this guy before he uses his many lies (including falsified military exploits) to get votes. It’s one thing to lie about who you are, but it’s quite another to perpetrate those lies while running for public office.

Several people have contacted me to let me know that some rather crazy things pop up when one searches for Steven Trustrum on Google thanks to retaliation from Frank Beckles in response to my detailed research into his lies and cons. I figure I’ll address them on my official page in case anyone seeking my services is curious.

To get started, let’s have a look at some of the things Frank Beckles and his many fake accounts have said about me as a result of my attempts to out him for the conman he is. Amongst some of the more creative claims Frank Beckles has made about me, Steven Trustrum, are:

Steven Crawford vs Steven Trustrum

Comparing Stevens — we could be TWINS!

Frank Beckles claims regarding Steven Trustrum

  • I’m a professional liar and a fraud (well, I’ve certainly lied at various points in my life, but never fraud … except that one time I made Hoffa disappear …)
  • I’m a racist and member of the KKK (He’s black, and I’m white and shave my head so, clearly … racist.)
  • I am an employee of the Augusta Chronicle newspaper, hired just to slander Frank Beckles (I’ve never worked for a newspaper other than my school paper)
  • I am actually an Augusta Chronicle reporter, Tracey McManus, in disguise
  • I am actually an Augusta Chronicle reporter, Steven Crawford, in disguise (because, you know. we’re both named Steven)
  • I have a criminal record (easily proven false. My only experience with law enforcement is to give statements for being a good Samaritan or for being a witness to a crime or the like. Frank Beckles, on the other hand, is another story. Frank Beckles was charged with obstruction and hindrance of a law enforcement officer on Feb. 14, 2011, and convicted in 2013 after he plead nolo contendere (no contest); he was sentenced to time served. You can find it by entering “Beckles” into the “Criminal Search” engine at the Augusta court clerk’s office)
  • I have erectile dysfunction (I think Frank Beckles is projecting a bit here. A bit of digging will find posts from Frank on his low testosterone levels, leading to him having problems with his man bits)
  • Am a phony comic book writer (Frank Beckles seems to have confused my role-playing game writing with comic books)
  • I have a history of mental illness (other than chronic headaches and insomnia, everything is a-okay with my noodle)
  • I’ve been banned from a lot of websites for personal attacks (I love how this lie gets tossed in with the previous. The vast divide of social relevance is humorous to me. I operate on many online communities, and I’ve even left some over disagreements, but not once have I been banned from one.)
  • I’m a “momma’s boy” (again, the disconnect between a childish mud toss like this and slander regarding racism, criminal activity, etc. makes me laugh)
  • … and so on

Here’s an example of one of these claims that have been made about me. They are proof that even slander can be good for a chuckle if one compresses enough crazy into a single online post (I won’t link to it because I don’t what to give it any additional traffic, but take my word for it — this is something that’s actually been posted by Dr. / Pastor / Reverend / Mr. Frank / Franklyn / Vic / Victor Beckles):

[Steven Trustrum] Has a notorious reputation for being a Racist Cyberbully with ties to Klu Klux Klan in Toronto Canada, has been banned from several websites for: Personal Attacks, spreading lies, slandering Black Community Activists or modern civil rights leaders, false accusations againts NAACP members, using numerous phony nicknames, impersonating people or fictious names like “Frank Beckles” & “Conan”, hired by racist staff writers @ The Augusta Chronicle (Tracey “WestCoastLover” McManus) to Slander & Lie about Black Community Activists in Augusta Georgia. Trustrum is a phony comic book writer, a momma’s boy, suffers from erectile dysfunction, treated for mental illness, a professional liar & cyberbully, and a K.K.K. groupie who hates & frequently lies about Black Celebrities & Heroes!!

At least in the above quote he admits (contradicting his own craziness) that I’m an actual person who lives in Toronto.

How to Spot a Frank Beckles’ Fake Identity in its Native Habitat: Internet Anonymity

Spotting a fake or assumed name that actually has Frank Beckles at the keyboard is not very difficult. Here are some pointers:

  1. Frank Beckles is a horrible writer. Run on sentences, poor grammar, and an apparent pathological fear of paragraphs are all indicative of his posts.
  2. Frank Beckles can’t just leave it at slandering someone, be it myself or others. Every fake identity he assumes to go on the attack can’t pass up the chance to wave Frank’s banner. And not just a little bit — he’s pretending to be someone else, but he can’t pass up the chance to call himself a “champion,” “hero,” or the like. His own ego is a beacon to the truth.
  3. Frank Beckles is a copy and paste madman. Take just about any post you may suspect be Frank Beckles and drop it into a free online plagiarism tool. Even taking a few sections and putting it into a Google search will probably do the job. You see, Frank Beckles is not at all original, but he is prolific, so he has a habit of posting the same thing twice, thrice, or even more times that that on other (or even the same) websites, under different names he’s taken on.
  4. Most of the fake identities Frank Beckles creates to slander others, such as myself, also can’t pass up the chance to proclaim Frank to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Although most people in Frank’s own community don’t seem to know who he is, his fake accounts will all be quick to tell you he’ a well-known/famous “hero,” “community leader,” “civil rights champion,” or the like.

So, Mr. Steven Trustrum — why does Frank Beckles hate you so?

Frank Beckles Mugshot

Yes, this is indeed Frank’s mugshot

Well, that’s a good question! I hate bullies. I hate liars. I especially hate bullies who try to take down the people who reveal their lies.

The long and short of it is that I sometimes lend my skills to revealing people who cross my path who may be committing copyright infringement by stealing others’ work or the like (Google ” Steven Trustrum Dark Phoenix Publishing ” for an example, or ” Steven Trustrum plagiarism “) or the like. This is probably because there have been several instances where I’ve been at the receiving end of plagiarism and have had to fight to reclaim my work. Add someone who is bullying someone else into the mix, and you will really get my dander up.

In this case, Frank Beckles was brought to my attention because he was making claims to being a writer and comic book creator for both Marvel Comics and DC (not to mention his own publishing house.) These claims are, of course, provably false, and wouldn’t have done much to get my attention except for several things: these lies were a small part of a bigger picture, and Frank Beckles took his scam to the next level by harassing someone else who uncovered he was lying.

During a 2013 interview with a reporter from the Augusta Chronicle, Frank Beckles made some claims about his previous job history in order to lend some authority to his position on a matter, the reason he was being interviewed in the first place. This reporter’s due diligence quickly revealed Frank Beckles was lying, and she (rightfully) pointed this out in her article. Well, Frank Beckles was having none of that, so he went on the attack and began slandering here wherever possible online. He even went so far as to call the police in an attempt to have her arrested with claims she was stalking him. Because of my own (brief) connection with DC, this situation was brought to my attention

I did some digging, found out the rabbit hole went far deeper than even I was willing to plunge down, and so I organized my research and made it publicly available. This made me a target for Frank Beckles’ ire, thus all the slander against me. He’s trying to discredit my name in order to clean up his own. Why?

Well, Frank Beckles has decided to run for a public office in his district in Georgia in 2014, and it turns out he had started various campaigns of similar lies and slander against his opponents using, you guessed it, various fake identities posting online. As it turns out, however, my research is making the rounds in Frank Beckles’ district, and his competitors have been bringing it up during the campaign. That just has to make Frank Beckles the least happy liar in all of Georgia.

This is a guy who just needed to be exposed, and I couldn’t let him keep going without the proof being put out there, if for no other reason that he had made outrageous false claims about his military service that insulted every woman and man who had served in the American military with honour. (I know, that sounds corny, especially since I’m not an American, but this sort of thing just pisses me off.)

Where is this research of which you speak?

Here you go. It got to the point where there was so much, I took my lead from one of my research sources and put it into a series of Youtube videos, as well as compiled the proof into a number of files you can download. So, there you have it: the reason why you’ll find Frank Beckles is slandering me, Steven Trustrum, and why he cannot be allowed to have any involvement in educating children.

Come on, voters of District 2 — educate yourself about Frank Beckles and be certain to keep this lying conman out of office.

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